White Chocolate and Oreo Slow Cooker Fudge

As a busy mum of four often finding time every single day of the week to be in the kitchen can be a struggle (even a chore) which is why I love slow cooking so very much! When I do have some spare minutes and the kidlets are otherwise occupied I love to whip up a sneaky sweet treat to indulge in with a cuppa while watching a good thriller in the late pm when I can relax with minimal interferences from the mini humans.

Well this weekend I switched on the babysitter, or as most call it - the television, fed the baby, made sure the furbabies were all well hydrated and pulled out one of my five slow cookers (a bit extreme my husband likes to tell me but in my defence some days the family would otherwise starve and one has 3 slow cookers in 1) I then I made the most amazing white chocolate and Oreo fudge and oh my goodness I can almost feel the toothaches already!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the second time I have made this, the first was two years ago and it was as simple as I remembered it to be and required very few ingredients (only three ingredients to be precise)!

You will need to be able to stir this fudge for the duration of its cooking so make sure you have your best arm ready! Here we go……

  1. 4x 180g block Nestle Milky Bar
  2. 2x 397g condensed milk (any brand)
  3. 2x packet Oreo biscuits crushed (more if you like!!)


Cook on high until all melted and stirred the whole time whilst melting…then turn onto low for 30 minutes (stirring every 10 minutes)….then change back to high for 30 mins (stirring every 10 minutes). Will start forming a skin between stirs and this is how you know it is ready to pour. Stir in half of crushed Oreos and put in tin….other half of crushed Oreos need to be pushed into top and set in fridge overnight.

Note: If you find that liquid comes out of the chocolate, just keep stirring really fast until it folds back together, this is why I used Nestle brand as I know how it melts down.



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