1 - What is BitcoinRewards?

BitcoinRewards is a web portal that enables you to earn cashbacks in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and other digital currencies. Shoppers around the world are excited about the future of digital money. We've enabled access for you to participate in cryptocurrency without the need to purchase it. We've been networking with the brands you know and love to bring you the best shopping deals and rewards in exchange for your custom.

2 - How Does BitcoinRewards work?

It's really easy. Browse the huge selection of shops on When you find a shop or coupon that takes your interest, click the 'Go to shop' button. A new tab in your browser will open with the shop website that you've selected. Browse, shop and purchase as you normally would with your chosen online retailer. Within 48 hours of a successful purchase, the dashboard on your BitcoinRewards account will update to reflect the qualifying transaction value and 'pending' reward value denominated in your local currency.

Once the shop's return period has expired your BitcoinRewards dashboard will update to 'Approved'. As long as you've accrued the minimum rewards value according to the payment type you want - you can request a rewards payment. Payments are made within 24 hours of the payment request and paid at the digital currency spot price at the time of payment.

3 - Where do the Bitcoin Rewards come from?

Retailers, service providers and advertisers pay BitcoinRewards for acquiring your custom. We then reward you for using our service in Digital Currency.

4 - How are the rewards calculated?

We denominate the value of your reward in local currency right up until the moment of payment. All approved payments are calculated and paid using the spot rate as displayed on the BitcoinRewards site.

5 - Where do you acquire the Digital Currency from?

BitcoinRewards acquires Digital Currency from a combination of local and international exchanges at the best available rates.

6 - When do I get paid my rewards?

As soon as the 'Pending' reward has changed status to 'Approved' and you've accrued the minimum payout, you can request a payment from BitcoinRewards. We payout all rewards within 24 hours of your request.

7 - How are my purchases tracked?

BitcoinRewards uses cookies. Cookies are a very small text file that are placed inside the browser files of your computer or mobile device by BitcoinRewards. These cookies contain tracking information that informs the shop you visit, that you were sent to them by the team from BitcoinRewards. The shop then sends us the data we need following your purchase so that we can update your BitcoinRewards dashboard with the qualifying reward value and associated information for your reference.

8 - What is the difference between 'Pending' and 'Available'?

A 'Pending' reward has been acknowledged by the shop but not yet approved for payout. A pending reward generally displays within 48 hours but can take up to 30 days in some instances.

An 'Approved' reward displays after the return period of the goods or services has passed and/or the transaction is verified by the shop. This can take anywhere between 7 - 90 days.

9 - My purchase and pending rewards appear lower than I expected?

The shop generally qualifies the purchase price less any government taxes, shipping and other related expenses as valid for a reward. If you think the rewards value is still incorrect, reach out to us and we'll double check.

10 - What is the minimum payout for Digital Currency?

Digital Currency minimum payouts are set at $1.00. We'll amend the minimum payout from time to time. Please check your dashboard for the current minimum payout value.