1. What is BitcoinRewards?
BitcoinRewards is a 1-click shopping service that enables you to earn free Bitcoin when you shop with more than 1500 stores online.

Earn Bitcoin and other digital assets by downloading the extension on either Chrome or Brave browsers and shop as per normal.

You’ll discover new brands that will charm and find the big brands you know and love. Cashback and traditional rewards are dated, earn a reward that was built for the 21st century - a Bitcoin Reward.
2. How does the BitcoinRewards extension work?
It's really easy.

1. Join us: Download the Chrome or Brave extension, and sign-up to BitcoinRewards.
2. Shop like normal: We’ll alert you to the online stores where you can earn Bitcoin when you’re shopping online. Simply click the friendly notification ‘Activate Now’ to enable Bitcoin Rewards. 3. Earn free Bitcoin: We’ll send you an email and update the dashboard on your BitcoinRewards account to reflect the 'pending' Bitcoin Reward.
3. What if I don’t use Chrome or Brave browsers?
Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! You can still use our web-platform. Simply visit www.bitcoinrewards.com and select your desired store or service provider. We’ll send you an email and update the dashboard on your BitcoinRewards account to reflect the 'pending' Bitcoin Reward. Ensure you click through BitcoinRewards.com every time you wish to make a new purchase with your desired online store or service provider.
4. Where do the Bitcoin Rewards come from?
Retailers, service providers and advertisers pay BitcoinRewards for acquiring your custom. We then reward you for using our service in Bitcoin and other digital assets.
5. How are the rewards calculated?
We denominate the value of your reward in local currency whilst your reward is in a ‘pending’ status. You’re reward will automatically convert to Bitcoin the moment the status changes to ‘approved’. All approved rewards are calculated using the spot rate as displayed on the BitcoinRewards site.
6. Where do you acquire Bitcoin from?
BitcoinRewards acquires Bitcoin and other digital assets from a combination of local and international exchanges at the best available rates.
7. When do I get paid my rewards?
As soon as a 'pending' reward has changed status to 'approved', you can ‘request a withdrawal’ from your BitcoinRewards dashboard. We payout all rewards within 24 hours of your request.
8. How are my purchases tracked?
BitcoinRewards uses cookies. Cookies are a very small text file that are placed inside the browser files of your computer or mobile device by BitcoinRewards. These cookies contain tracking information that informs the shop or service provider you visit, that you were sent to them by the team at BitcoinRewards. The shop then sends us the data we need following your purchase so that we can update your BitcoinRewards dashboard with the qualifying reward value and associated information for your reference.
9. Can I have adBlock/uBlock installed and still earn Bitcoin rewards?
Use of adblock/uBlock software may affect our ability to enable Bitcoin rewards. If installed, disable your ad blocking software entirely during your shopping sessions.
10. What is the difference between a 'pending' and 'available' reward status?
A 'pending' reward status indicates the transaction has been acknowledged by our partner stores but not yet approved for payout. A pending reward generally displays within 48 hours but can take up to 45 days in some instances.

An 'approved' reward status displays after the return period of the goods or services has passed and/or the transaction is verified by the shop. This can take anywhere between 7 - 180 days.
11. My purchase and pending rewards appear lower than I expected?
The store or service provider generally qualifies the purchase price less any government taxes, shipping and other related expenses as valid for a reward. If you think the reward value is still incorrect, reach out to us and we'll double check.
12. My reward is not displaying?
Whilst a pending reward generally displays within 48 hours, it can take anywhere between 7 and 45 days.

If you do not see a pending reward display in your dashboard following 7days of the purchase (and within 45 days), you can submit a manual claim - it's really easy.

Simply visit the ‘clicks’ tab in your dashboard and identify the store visit using the store name, date and time of the transaction, now select 'Send An Enquiry'.

Add any additional information you wish to relay in the field labelled 'Message'.Please ensure you attach a copy of the invoice or proof of purchase.

We’ll endeavour to collect the potential reward from the related store and notify you of the outcome.
13. What is the minimum payout for rewards?
Minimum payouts are currently set at $1.00. We'll amend the minimum payout from time to time according to the Bitcoin mempool.
14. How do I maximize reward opportunities?
  • Download and use the BitcoinRewards Chrome or Brave extension to ensure you never miss a reward opportunity.
  • If using the web platform, ensure that you click through BitcoinRewards each and every time you intend to make a purchase with an online store or service provider.
  • Aim to complete your transaction with the store or service provider during the same session originating from BitcoinRewards. If you get side tracked or take a break from completing you purchase, click through BitcoinRewards again prior to commencing the transaction.
  • Avoid having other web pages open, including search sites, social media, other store sites or alternative web browsers whilst visiting the store.
  • Avoid clicking through to another page from a banner or ad on the store or service provider’s website whilst shopping.
  • Do not use a coupon code that has not originated from the BitcoinRewards extension, including coupon codes from other reward or loyalty programs.
  • Share the love - invite friends and family to earn Bitcoin with BitcoinRewards’, simply click ‘invite’ from the extension or within your dashboard, copy the link and share. You’ll earn a sweet 1000 sats for both you and your friend when they make their first purchase over $20 with any of our partner stores.
15. Is the BitcoinRewards service supported in my country?
Just like Bitcoin, we’re borderless. The BitcoinRewards service is supported in the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Brazil. We also offer support and shopping sites that serve global customers.
16. What’s the catch?
We’ve built a business model around mutual benefit. Our partner stores (advertisers, retailers and service providers) receive your custom when you choose to purchase with them via the BitcoinRewards platform, they pay BitcoinRewards a commission (for sending you there), we then share that commission with you in the form of a BitcoinReward. Win/Win/Win.